As noted I have a WinTV-PVR-USB2 for sale. I got it to record from TCL cable when I thought I might want to record two channels at once and my current WinTV-PVR250 can only record one channel at once.

It's in excellent condition and comes with everything including remote, MCE remote sensor/transmitter , cables etc. One tiny caveat - I got it on a US trip so the PS has a US plug on it but it's worldwide voltage so a simple adapter will work fine.

Surplus to requirements now since I had was using it record two TCL channels at once but now record the second channel via FreeviewHD.

Works fine with TCL cable and should work fine with Sky (via s-video or composite).

So out it goes. Here are the specs


Looking for about $100 - they go new for $199 on Pricespy but make me an offer