Hi guys,

Recently when replacing a cracked digitizer I either damaged some pins on the lcd screen plug or didn't plug it in properly. Screen is now faint and colours are washed out (looks like a screen that isn't connected properly).

All other phone functions work well and the rest of the phone case is in pretty good nick, couple of small scratches on the corners. As mentioned, it has a new digitizer and I also have a new unused battery cover as the original one has fine scratches on it.

This is still a really nice specced phone. 3.7" AMOLED, 8MP 720p camera, etc but I am getting a Galaxy SII so this one needs a new home as I don't want to tinker again. Someone who is comfortable opening her up (which is actually really easy)

New LCD screens for this phone can be bought off ebay for $23 US. I also still have the box, charger, USB cable, manual, etc.

See full phone specs here:


Don't really have a price in mind yet, but please PM me any and all offers!

Cheers for looking!