For sale $subj, I'm after the 'face value' plus postage (probably $4.5 tracked).
I've never used the phone number so you won't get unwanted calls. I can provide the number via PM if you're interested so I won't make it public here.

It has the 500MB plan where you pay 10c per MB for the first 300MB and the remaining 200MB are free. It resets on the 1st of every month if I recall correctly. If you don't use it in a month, you pay nothing. If you use 100MB you pay only $10. I'm pretty sure you know these details if you are still reading and you're also aware that you can't get this plan anymore.
It also has the 150 TXT plan.

It needs to be topped up before 4th of June.

You can get a ZTE MF626 as well if you wish, make a reasonable offer and it's yours.


Pick up in Auckland CBD.