it seems that there are few people here. So i decide to bring some hot topics here to gather some people here. Finally i figure out the way to install Garmin mobile XT in windows CE

Warning: it needs some DIY here. it may dmage your CE system(software) not hardware...:). So after the warning, what is the benefit? It means that u can have garmin in a large screen GPS machinse. Because Garmin mobile Xt is designed in windows mobile system. Fortunately window CE is so similar to windows mobile system. So we can install garmin mobile XT in a large GPS machinse,

First, I buy a 4.3 touch screen GPS machine with windows CE 5.0 system from .....some place.....cost me quite a few because of its extra functions.  With its SD slot and powerful CPU(400mHz), I start the installation in its SD card:

1.Download original version for Windows Mobile from, of course u need to buy product key(99.99USD):
Extract files with WinRAR and copy GMobileCard contents to your SD card.

2. Grab the voice files from:

3. The base map from:

4 use it on your own risk because the following package developed by unknown party:
Get modified exe and dlls from---
replace original files in \Garmin\apps\wm\

5. setting script from:
put them into \Garmin\rungmxt

then plug Sd card into machinse, power on the machine and go to the windows CE desktop.  then go to SD card folder. Run Garmin.exe from \Garmin\rungmxt.....

So you can see very nice interface.. after main screen, you need to input the production key. After input the key, you also need to buy the map. Since I have spend quite a lot money, I decide to use the open Garmin map in Attention, this is fully open source map, i.e. total free for personal usuage.

So now I can have high-end GPS in my 4.3 touch screen .