Hello folks,

This may not be hugely interesting for most of you....but using a set of Python scripts from a Russian sailing enthusiast, I was able to take the free NZ nautical charts but in a .kap DATUM WGS84 (BSB) format, and convert these using gdal and mapped/calibrated to google/OSM coordinates. Effectively giving topographic detail maps/tiles that can be used in my favourite GPS program, in my case Mappero

I plan to use on my next fishing trip to record tracks, fishing spots as POI's and understand the depths on the terrain we are over.

I'm quite new to the formats of digital maps/tiles etc but I plan to explore other nautical/marine map formats (Lowrance, Garmin, Hummingbird?) and see if these could be used as well.

So in the case above, I went from .kap >> to .vrt >> to .png tiles.

PM me if you want to know more or if you have tried other format conversion like this.