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Internet Service Provider Orcon today announces it is offering Ultra-Fast Broadband services in four new cities - bringing the total number of cities connected to the new network by Orcon to 10.

From today, residents in Hamilton, Whangarei, Nelson and Blenheim - whose streets have had UFB cable installed - will be able to sign up for Orcon UFB and enjoy the great benefits this new technology brings. They join customers in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Napier and Dunedin, which went live throughout the year.

“It’s great to have four additional cities getting connected to UFB. The roll-out of fibre in New Zealand is one of the most important investments this country has ever made – it is going to completely change the way we do business and live our lives”, says Taryn Hamilton, General Manager at Orcon.  

Hamilton says Orcon is passionately committed to ensuring access for all Kiwis to a ‘fibre-powered New Zealand’ and looks forward to hitting the ground running in 2013.

“A fibred-up business community in New Zealand will transform our economy. With speeds markedly faster than traditional copper lines, the opportunities fibre offers are vast. Fibre is reliable and purpose-built for the future, it will radically change how we work and play. We look forward to connecting many more regions,” concludes Hamilton.

Orcon has led the charge in making UFB accessible to those in enabled areas. In March 2012, it was the first telco provider to announce its national UFB pricing plans for consumers, businesses and schools.

PricingOrcon is offering fibre plans starting at $75 a month for households and $129 for business connections*.
  • From $75 a month residential customers receive a fibre-ready Orcon Genius modem, VoIP phone, 30GB of data and free national calling on calls up to one hour on a 12 month contract.
  • From $129 a month business customers receive 30GB Data, Fast Speed, 12 month fixed term and Business Router.
  • Orcon recently launched a fixed price plan of $99 per month for unlimited data and national landline-to-landline calls of up to one hour per call on a 12 month contract.