Just wondering if anyone else has a Wordpress website hosted with them and noticed major performance problems today?  Mainly the website taking ages to build each time the page is called, initially stalling on 0kb. before slowly loading the page. The same problem occurs with the wordpress control panel taking around 40 seoncds to get the page. I am using firebugs tools to analyse the speed, and the speed delay for accessing the wordpress control panel is occurring at the following stage

POST wp-login.php 14s

GET /wp-admin/ 18s

I have also disabled almost all the plugins, and increased the memory to 128MB, and it make no difference.

Orcon had an outage last night which I am not unsure is related, but it has been bad ever since. I have emailed them and followed it up with a phone call, and they have said they are going to ask their technicans to look into it and get back to me tomorrow. So wondering if it is affecting anyone else? Static websites on the server are loading fine.