I am seriously angry. My phone is down since yesterday and is not expected to be back online till the 25th - if that at all.

My previous ADSL + phone provider : Slingshot
My would be ADSL + phone provider : Orcon

I have been ADSL clients of the following companies : ihug, slingshot, orcon, telstra, telecom and woosh.   I've changed the phone and ADSL providers multiple times in the last 12 years 

My changeover date per my talks with the company reps were set at 22nd. On the 23rd their billings date so apparently a good date. My service with slingshot ends on the 27th. I gave them all the details they requested. my account details, my cc details . 

Note : I wasn't told there would be ANY downtime, but from past experiences I know that there is about an hour's delay when the work is done. I thought either that it's very fast now OR non-existant now.

Yesterday morning at 10am I get my first surprise on a surprisingly low volume day for my business. the phone line is dead since before 6am in the morning. None of my clients got through on the phone, and I am unable to make any calls. The line is DEAD. I speak to their staff at 10am immediately and they tell me that there is supposed to be an interruption in services of about 1 to two hours. I point out that it's been 4 times that already. The gentleman on the other end kept telling me the same information, but then he said he would talk to provisioning and get back to me within 30 minutes .

He was a liar. 

It was 2.5 hours and still no phone. 

At 12:30 pm I call them back, and this time I found the ONLY honest response from this company. She called me back when they said they would . Nothing was fixed, but she  atleast kept trying to work at it. At 2:30 pm I got my dial tone back. ADSL started working.

Brilliant .

Except ...... Apparently now I have the great privilege of calling only Orcon.

Not Orcon + clients of clients, just Orcon.

YAY .... *sarcasm* 

No matter who I talk to at this company, they will keep telling me that they are porting the number over. I feel this is dishonest since why would be phone keep telling me that welcome to orcon all the time and not let me call out, if I am not with Orcon now. I've changed my phone company before too. NEVER has this happened before.

They gave me a ticket number to the next day.

I called them back today at 2:00pm. When I called, after a while, someone told me that someone needs to go and manually flap the port. I know what that means in a network environment but not in a phone environment. So as it stands in my view, they cant be bothered to send someone to do something for the next 4 days.

I'm totally flummuxed. Is this a sign of lying by Orcon OR maybe just a misphrasing by slingshot that the work is not complete yet ? Aside from the interruption in service the sheer scale of the mistake is what is making me mad. If they can do the work fully on the 25th, a sane person would do the whole thing on 25th.  Who in their right mind will accept 4+ days of no phone service ? and their support staff keep telling me this is normal . I've never heard of this level of bull____ . Someone screwed up on their end. 

I called my previous provider Slingshot today. They told me that they can see that the changeover is requested, but not done yet. They are telling me that if I do not want to change over now, I can still request to not do it with Orcon. At this point, I'm considering this. The plan is a bit more expensive, and less featureful, but atleast they were honest.