Hey guys.


I know very little but I'm trying to learn.


Recently had fiber installed and everything runs great but people upstairs are complaining about crappy internet.


Wired, I'm getting 950/500mbps. The modem that Orcon gave me just doesn't have the range and my upstairs wifi extender has proved unreliable.


The Orcon modem is NF18ACV-04.




I've been using my old DSL-AC68U plugged directly into the ONT. It hits the whole house and has stopped all complaints.


This would be the end of it for most people but I'm not happy. With the ASUS I've lost 150Mbps on the download (wired) and my ping to my favorite server has gone from a rock solid 31-32ms (pretty good considering it's in aussie) to a wavering 43-50ms. I also notice when testing the wifi speed that upload is significantly faster than download.




What I want to ask is...How can I use the Orcon modem for my ethernet connected PC and use the asus for wifi?


I've plugged the Orcon modem back in and turned off wifi and tried connecting the asus router to it via a WAN port. I get an IP conflict.


Both modems are when I follow prompts to get a new IP, nothing happens.


Please help, I don't know what I'm doing.