Hi there. Ive finally been connected to UFB by UltraSlow Fiber, who had delay after delay but moving on...............


Up/Down speed is excellent. However, since being connected Ive had a problem getting mails from MSN.


Their servers have always been a bit flakey, but since UFB, particularly in the morning, I keep getting errors in Thunderbird as below:



Ive tried turning off the Port switch in Slingshot makes no difference. Tried Evolution email exactly the same, double checked mail settings.


In settings, have reduced poling to 1 or 2 caches.


This is an ongoing issue with MSN as many report similar issues, but it seems to be much worse now Im on UFB.


Slingshot dont support Thunderbird and probably wouldnt know what the exemplified issue was anyway.


I would dump MSN but for the fact Ive used it for years.


Any ideas? Thanks, Al.