Just caught an interesting piece on TVNZ 7 - Media 7 about Mobile Advertising, discussion centrered around 2 Degrees
Made reference to the nearly 5400 fans they have on their Facebook page already with most of the Wall comments being people venting about how much they have had enough of VF and Telecom, and how 2 Degree's ad with Rhys Darby has caught the imagination of New Zealand.

I also picked up a comment which reminds me of a convo on geekzone I saw some time back where Vodafone isn't considered "Cool" anymore - used to have real striking advertising which made them look "cool" then I think they changed advertising company and not so good from there.
Comment on the program was that Vodafone has shifted from the underdog to incumbent along with Telecom now and 2 Degrees is going to pick up the disgruntled customers, and VF and Telecom will have to go back to Grass Roots pretty much looking at service, etc to rebuild trust.

I've tried to quote the best I could there with remembering what was said :)

[edit] Video link here - goto chapter 3