In regards to those of us who have been switched automatically to the new plans
they will charge your new plan price in my case ($5) as a late payment fee
and you will receive a letter in the mail saying your payment is late
and you have 10 days to pay from the date of the letter!

I got my letter (late payment due) 2 days after my new bill period (9th April)
hahha not ever no company is special enough not even slingshot
to make us customers pay a bill in full in 3days

I'll save myself calling them again they just don't understand the billing and
anything to do with money & beware and check your bill
carefully a normal company would actually charge the new plan in broadband charges
not 2/3's of it and the extra 1/3 as a late payment whoever does their website needs to change
the new plans otherwise ppl are gonna get confused thinking they're late when they're not