I don't do this very often and it is always a most unpleasant pain-in-the-arse operation.
After whats seems like hours I can usually succeed, but not this time.

The blasted things continues to tell me Insert an "available" disk.

At one stage I did get past this - only to be told 'can't copy title in Hi-Speed Mode'. But I'd
selected normal speed.  I can't get back to that point again.

Have tried several disks, including ones I've copied to before . And ones just-formatted on the 380 first.
How the heck can it format a disk then say it's not available.

In some situations it says the disk isn't recordable. Again after it's just formatted it.

Is there something I'm missing ?  I keep thinking I need to initialise the rewritable, but there's no option to do that.

As an aside, Twonky Copy would sometimes copy a file over LAN from the 380 to the PC where writing to DVD RW is hassle free. But Twonky proved most unreliable and I deleted it  Does anyone know if there's something else that'll do this?