Hi All

I have two Openbox's, a V8Pro and V8 Combo. Both started power on resetting when you changed channel from one TP to another TP.
This looked like a cable short, but after power restart the newly selected channel worked.

I spent ages changing cables switches power supplies etc and then swapped the V8 Combo for the V8 Pro. Same thing!
Thought I had stuffed two units.

Then my friend rang to say his V8 Combo was doing the same thing.

Change the date setting from "GMT" to "User" and then change the month from 12 to 10.

All is well after that, but no EPG as there is none for October anymore.

I have been in live chat with Freesat and sent the engineer emails. They are working on it.

My friend was watching and this started at 1pm NZDT, GMT 2105 12 01 0:00am.

I have noted that these units have problems showing the EPG from 11pm NZDT to midnight, as the unit thinks this time frame is yesterday.

The three unit I have were brought from YoJia on Aliexpress. They say they are real Openbox's.
I hope this is not a clone kill thing, or that I have told Freesat how their clone kill can be beaten.

Good luck and relax, your unit is not dead!

Freesat have a fix.
I got an email from the engineer at 2:30am Dec 2 NZDT.

Their server was VERY busy on Dec2, I got 200kb a minute downloading the file. Its a 5.8M file so it will take a while.

for the V8 Combo and
for the V8 Pro.

The engineer said " It's dark day for me today."