Recently my beloved Vu+ Duo suffered the 'red light of death' error and required a bit of corrective surgery involving a new 220uf capacitor. After this was complete and the box was working again, I thought that it would be a good idea to put on a newer image as the one I was using was from 2011.


So having backed up everything I thought I needed to backup, I proceeded to put the latest openVIX image on it, and then reload the configuration files I'd removed.


The satellites.xml file contained the correct Optus D1 satellite, but the other configuration files don't seem to be recognised by the new image. After some faffing around I was able to restore the correct tuner settings and scan the satellite which resulted in 248 channels found. 


Freeview channels work brilliantly, however sky channels only display the title and next show and no content. I've tried the sky card in both slots and restarted the machine a few times too, however there is nothing.


I restored the cccam (?) file from the previous image backup but this hasn't helped. Last time I did this was in 2011 and I used an image prepared in NZ so everything just worked.


Does anyone know if there are any specific settings I need to use to get the box to work with a NZ Sky card? Any help would be appreciated as we're stuck watching sky on the pace decoder with the lovely 'new' interface.