I downloaded the freeview samples and after installing PowerDVD 8, i could play the tvnz samples, which made me think that i should be fine to receive the DVB-T broadcast?

Using Fossie's instructions, i installed DVBViewer and using the DVB-T Aerial that came with the HVR900. I scanned and got the various TVNZ Channels on the 692 Mhz frequency (Hamilton) and then tried playing TVNZ news. Picture fine, Audio Fine!

Can play maori tv, tvcentral, tv 1,2,6,7,tv sports extra fine with no problems and cpu usage on average around 30%.. odd stutter here and there. tv 3 aac/ac3 and tv 4 didnt work.  This is on DVBViewer, really easy program to use with Fossie's instructions. Recorded a couple of channels at the same time with no problems as well.

Tried GBPVR and scanned all of the channels fine. Could play the same channels above fine but no audio. TV3 and Tv4 also didnt work here.

Annoying thing with GBPVR is that the preferred h264 only had "system default" as the available option? Read about ammending the config.xml file which i did to include the references to the cyberlink h.264 video codec but config still only had system default and then checking config.xml showed it reverted to the original system default only. got me scratching my head so looks like DVBViewer looks the goods.