I have Vista 32bit with SP1 installed and 8600GT and PowerDVD 7.3 deluxe.

I can preview sound and video in TV Server. I have selected PowerDVD H264 in Directshow renderer

However I can only get sound and video using VMR9 which is not doing any hardware acceleration so high CPU. If I choose EVR I just get a black screen.

If I can preview in TV server fine, does this mean it is not a codec issue. And if it works in VMR9 does this mean the H264 is working?

I have checked I have all the appropriate boxes selected and also in PowerDVD it has the enable hardware acceleration box checked.

I tried a clean reinstall (I use the RC1 refresh) but no joy. I also updated my Display Driver

Running out of ideas. Might need to go back to Powercinema which was giving me hardware acceleration but then I lost the audio on that and could not get it back -sigh.

As far as I can tell, with Vista there are no special patches that are required?