The EPG page in MP lists all the channels as found in the tv server "channel list" and updates the epg data only for the channels listed in tvguide.xml file, right? The page displayed on the screen has more lines than channels available, so after the last channel is listed it starts to list them again from the beginning (as per tv server channel list).

Just an example, to make my self clear: I have EPG downloaded for TV1, 2, 3, C4, Prime, TVNZ6 and TVNZ7. In addition, the EPG lists all the other channels as per TV server findings (Freeview HD, TVNZ Sport, Maori). That's a total of 10 entries (I do not get Prime through pc but I use the EPG to alert me for shows about to begin). But the page is able to display 12 entries (I think), so TV1 and TV2 are listed again after the last channel in the list. If you scroll down, you will find that MP just repeats the same list endlessly.

How can I have the channels listed only once? If the list is shorter than the number of lines on the screen, that's it, stop filling those lines after every channel is listed once.

Is this something I can fix from settings or the MP team needs to be looking into it?