Hi, we recently purchased a 55" LG UK6400 UHD which we have been pretty happy with, however the FreeView ondemand app starts, and after 5sec of the white splash screen with the FreeView logo it goes to black and never progresses. Has anyone else experienced this.


Further data, the TV has a cabled Ethernet connection on a Spark Fibre 100/20, a UHF connection that shows >70% signal strength and 100% quality on all muxs, actual measurement with my test meter gives around 65-70dBuV on all muxs and BER <10-5, HBBTv is enabled. Also of note is that TVNZ on demand app loads and works as expected. We have had no issues wiht the Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and Youtube movies, the Berlin Philamonic Digital Concert hall (which I use a lot) and the web browser.


I have checked that the TVs firmware is up to date, the FreeView app says its up to date, I have also uninstalled it, restarted the TV and re installed it, still same result


Any thoughts?