hey never touched firmware on these freeview boxes to date, though  ihave the dse g7503,
i know the F/W must be done by USB manually,

im wanting the best firmware to be put on here, so gives me the stock options and more if possible.

Info from box...

h/w version freeview NZ-HD
s/w version 0.12.7
relase time feb 22 2008 09:56:17
ssu info K:0.4.0 R:00.4.0 A 0.12.7 SSu 3
boxinfro OUI 0x59e h/w model 2 h/w version 1
s/w model 1 s/w vers 256

can i use any firmware without error?
any links or point me into direction to firmware i can use? if this is allow to be posted legally.

googling shows TVB_0.5.5_620DMBT commonly in most results