I'v run the Amazon Prime app on the A2 for a while and it has performed well.  Over the last two weeks, when I try to play pretty much anything it runs for about 10-15 mins and then the screen goes blank.  I can use the exit key or pause key to try and resume, but I then get the general error


"Something went wrong"


And a pointer to a less than helpful web page.  I have done everything suggested on there


Has anyone else seen/cracked this?


I saw there was an updated app for prime installed that but it made no difference. I've swapped routers, no difference.  If you exit prime and relaunch, you can resume, but it only lasts for another 10-15 mins.  I've removed the prime cache and data as suggested in a couple of web search results and logged back in, no difference.  I'm running 1.35 and there do not seem to be any more updates for the A2 itself.


Other streaming apps and other hardware seem OK, so this one has me puzzled as the Prime app was very reliable before.  Any advice or thoughts appreciated