Hi Guys

Im trying to cut ads from a dvb-t capture. I get very hit and miss out of TS cutter. ive managed to cut one segment out but all other trys i get the error" It was not possible to write the Transportstream. Unable to read beyong the end of the stream." and then it aborts. Any thoughts or settings i should check. The capture is from gb-pvr.


Edit: i think it might be my .ts file, i was just using ts packet editor and found halfway through i got the error of timestamp not found. Anyone know how to fix a .ts file like that?

Edit2: OK yes i think it is my .ts files, my capture from tv3 is fine but all my captures from 1 and 2 all get "Timestamp not found" when scrolling through TS packet editor. Is there a tool out there to fix timestamps in .ts files?

Edit3: OK over one hundred views on this and no comments.  I have scrapped h264 cutter and used TS packet editor and changed the timestamp options to PCR and it all works fine.