I am having a bit of trouble getting my EPG to update automatically.

For the past few months I have just been downloading the EPG every week, but I am a bit sick of that so I am trying to get a script to do it automatically.

I downloaded the script from one of the other threads 'download xmltv for EyeTv - Free*EPG.scpt' I tried to follow the instructions as best I could (put the script in the eyetv folder, run the script, have the settings set for xmltv) but it does either one of two things: 1. If I already have a .xml file in the folder then when I run the script it appears to do alsolutly nothing, or 2. If I delete all the .xml information and try to start from scratch, I run the script (which was now on the desktop) and it creates a file called tv.zip.

That's as far as I have been able to get.

Any help as to how to get the script to work properly would be helpful