Hi All

I am hoping someone out there can help me with a cabling problem that has developed with my Freeview HTPC setup.

My setup is as follows:

  • Satellite dish & UHF aerial on the roof

  • Cables from these being combined by a diplexer in the roof space

  • One coax cable from diplexer running down the wall to behind HTPC

  • Cables split to respective DVB-T & DVB-S cars with appropriate splitter.

This setup was working great for several months, getting both Freeview DVB-T and DVB-S without any issues.  However after a big storm, DVB-T appeared to stop working.

After much troubleshooting, with the cable plugged into the DVB-S card, DVB-T does not work.  Unplugging the cable from the DVB-S card, DVB-T works again.  As soon as the centre piece of copper in the coax cable makes contact with the DVB-S input, DVB-T stops playing.

I have checked all of the connections, except those on the actual aerial & satellite to make sure there are no shorts etc.  (getting on my roof is rather tricky)

As stated before, the setup was working perfectly for several months.  I am assuming that the connections on the aerial & dish are ok as individually they both work fine.

Anyway, this problem has had me stumped for a month or so now, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.