Hi we had our Freeview set up coming in on a sky dish (non HD) into TV set top box (other brand, not Freeview brand).  We wanted to hook up the DVD player/recorder but found that the TV is too old and only had one set of 3 plug holes for the 3 plugs that are coloured white red and yellow (don't know what they are called).  So the TV guy said we needed to buy a SCART plug that plugs into the back of the TV which joins to another set of 3 coloured plugs and then plug them in.  We did that but nothing is working through the DVD player.  Want to play through the DVD recorder so I can pause live TV and record stuff immediately.  So it appears I have bought the right component but haven't hooked it up right?  Could someone tell me exactly where all these plugs go?   I have the aerial from the dish plugged into the LNB in.  So I need to know where the RF in and outs go and the 2 sets of 3 coloured plugs go?  Many thanks for your help in advance....Joanne