I was at a friends in Auckland in the weekend and was helping him plug in a new Zinwell DVB-S from DSE using an existing sky dish at their rental. Figured how hard can it be, plugged it in, let it do the auto setup and figuered that would be it.

Nope, it only found channels on Freq 12456 as per here

Fiddled about and for the life of me couldn't get it to find the channels on Freq 12483. Reset, added things manually and nothing worked. Was odd as the signal strength kept saying 100% and 81% quality.

After heaps of searching and sleeping on it found a thread in here saying something about using Freq 12488, gave it a go and hey presto it works.

My question is this, why would it need that when everything found says it should be Freq 12483

and secondly how does DSE / Freeview / Zinwell or whoever expect the average NZ'er who only just knows where to plug the RCA inputs figure that out without a costly technician coming out.

/end of rant