This sounds a bit odd but the most prized feature on our old Pioneer DVD HDD recorder (530H) is that it has very clear sound quality on 2X playback speed. So we can hurtle thru an hour of news in about 1/4 hr by the time we jump over ads and things we are not interested in. I tried a more recent Pioneer and found the sound quite choppy and hard to understand, so they obviously didn't learn much from their earlier models.

As we're tired of dealing with multiple boxes (settop box + recorder) with all the hassles of scheduling recordings, the logical step is to have one box that does it all. Has anyone had experience with the corresponding 2X playback feature in the current model Panasonic Blu-Ray recorder (DMR-BWT700GZ) ?  Or with the current model DVD recorder (DMR-XW380GZK) ? Note that I'm not talking about the 1.3X playback (accessible from the play button).