Hi team,

I have recently acquired a Vu+ Duo and Ultraplus980HD. I have spent many hours pouring over resources on the internet and I now have both working independently with oscam and newcs on the Vu and mcas/mclient as well as xcamclient and xcamconfig on the Ultra. I even have a reasonable idea of editing the newcs.xml in the Vu and the newcamd.list in the Ultraplus,. After adding what I thought was the right lines to newcs.xnml I just tried xcam in the Ultra to see if that would fly...it didn't. I am not sure if I have one or the other 100% or neither, as I can't get them to play nicely and do what I want them to (I am sure you know what I am getting at here).

Does anyone have experience with these two boxes or any idea how I can get them to do what they do?