Wondering if I can get some professional opinions.

Im looking at sitting some Microsoft exams to get some C# .Net certifications, but I'm not 100% sure which ones to go for. I studied Software Engineering at uni some 10 years ago, but for one reasons I won't og into, I never started a software development career at the time. Now I'm looking at updating my skills with a goal at moving into it professionally.

I see the current set Microsoft would recommend is the MCSD, which starts with a C# Programming specialization exam, them a couple of exams based on Windows 8 app development.

The previous set is the MCPD, which focuses on .Net 4 WPC/WCF development.

My question is, what is the current job market looking for?
Is it too early in Windows 8's lifetime for eveyone to want those new style of apps?
Or is that what is expected of an developer these days?

Make sense?