I wasn't really sure where to put this, but given it is classed as a server case I thought it might be good here.

I run a homelab using Xenserver 6.2 and my 'SAN' has outgrown its current case (it's part of a VM inside one of my main lab hosts).  It would be good to offload this VM to its own case and run the server on baremetal to make full use of the SAN for high availability.

Being a home lab, cost is always an issue so I'm looking for cheap ways to expand and it seems logical that a cheap mobo/cpu from trademe/ebay and a rack case with hotswap bays would work well... Here I come to the case: Rosewill RSV-L4411.  Does anyone know of a supplier in NZ that has any of these cases?  They can be bought for $199USD in the states but with shipping the total price would be massive and hence not so good.

Any help or even alternative suggestions for a 12 piece hotswap system that supports ATX or bigger.