Ive just seen the rollout stuff for Office 365 E5, and the PSTN features on offer in the US of A look exciting. As I am starting a charity, this sort of functionality would be a big ******* deal.  Alas, no ETA for NZ and no word on if the E5 plan will have a charity pricing plan, though E4 didnt so I will make the same assumption for E5


So I am looking at alternatives,   E3 has a charity plan,  so nice and cheap, but what VOIP hosts etc offer bolt on functionality to get us to the same telephone/VOIP feature set as E5 using skype for business?


We definitely want a conventional phone number, and via VOIP and O365 have one of our pool of volunteers being able to take calls the old fashioned way, with one or 2 other phone lines, but we are also interested in the dial in conferencing functionality, as that would make life a dream!


I live in the windows world, but babysitting Labtech has stunted my "development" and I know naught on the issues of VOIP!




Thanks for your advice in advance.