We are in the process of producing a client/server based application with a SQL database and VB .net application residing on the server and a shortcut to the application on each client machine. Using Visual Studio we have created a deployment package but are having a problem in trying to ascertain the mapped name of the machine from which the installation is running.

The scenario is as follows: the full application is installed on the server and the folder on the server containing the application is mapped on the client machine as L . The program folder on the server also contains the installation package.

From the client ie. target machine we fire up the installation package in mapped drive L which will install all the required software on the client machine including the shortcut.

What we need is to execute a custom action from the installation package

1. Creates the shortcut for the application on the client machine

2. Uses the correct path to the mapped drive on the server as the shortcut target

We have everything in place currently but the path on the shortcut has to be manually changed as we are unsure of how to access the path that the deployment package is running from to set up step 2 above automatically.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.