I have a friend that currently works for a small community theatre and they run a "Friends of the Theatre" type program where people can sign up and pay a yearly subscription and receive a few benefits. To manage the program they use a combination of doing things manually and a subscription service provided by their ticketing software. But they're not happy with how it works and are looking to use a dedicated subscription management platform/service.


Requirements are allowing people to sign up online (eg sign up for an account and enter their contact details and choose the subscription package they want) and pay via credit card. Subscribers should be able to alter their contact details themselves. Service should send out reminders when the subscription is nearing its end and walk people through renewing their subscription. The theatre should be able to set up different subscription packages and export the subscriber data for use in external software (eg for mailing lists, etc). Would be good if the service also allowed email newsletters to be sent to subscribers. Currently there's about 200 subscribers but they're hoping to expand this.


Can anyone recommend a platform/service that they can look into?