Hi, need an xml guru's help....
Am trying to write an xsl stylesheet that will take a dynamically created xml file and output a list of free workstations.
The xml file has the following structure,
<logged in>  <software> <userid>xxx</userid>
<ip>172.xx.xx.xx</ip>  </software>  <software>  ...  </software></loggedin>

The xml file outputs anything between 1 and 30 odd <software> nodes every three minutes with individual static ip addresses dependent on whether the workstation at that ip has had recent activity.
I want to query this xml file and check against a known list of ip addresses with the xsl file and output a new html list of ip's thatrepresent free workstations.
I have managed to sort of do this by writing the following except it runs down the entire <loggedin> list and checks each ip and outputs thetext,
<xsl: if test="not(contains(ip,'172.AA.AA.AAA'))">workstation A free</xsl: if>
so if there were 9 <software> nodes, it writes "workstation A free" 9 times....
I need to write something that checks the <loggedin> tree and queries 
...if within this list there is no instance of ip 'x' output this text 'yyy'
and repeats this query for all of the known workstations ip's so I get a single list of free stations.

Any ideas????