Has anyone got this to 'just' work?

Running Windows 7 Pro x64, Outlook 2010 (installed as 32bit) and have tried 
- DAMO 802
- DAMO 802 Fix4
- DAMO 802 Fix6
- Outlook 2007
- Outlook 2010 installed as 64bit

The problem for me is at the end of the DAMO installation when you are prompted to create a MAPI profile. It looks like the process is successful (i.e my Notes id and password is authenticated) but it just doesn't create the MAPI profile when you go into Outlook or check the profiles with 'Mail' via the Control Panel.

Occasionally I've been getting a message after the installation/profile creation bit has finished saying 'This file does not exist'.  But this doesn't always pop up.

Trying to open Outlook produces a prompt for a 'Domino server' password, but there's no reference to my Notes id, so my password  fails.

Notes 8.5 is installed and works fine, but I really want to sync my Calendar and Contacts with my Android phone, and I can't find any decent Notes<->Android sync software.  Not keen on passing it through the cloud (i.e Google sync).

If I can't get this working then I'll have to sigh and use IMAP...