How’s your memory? What’s your VBScripting like on an NT4 domain?

I’m trying to get a list of computers from an old domain. I can’t use the LDAP:// provider, I have to use WinNT://.

Unfortunately, I'm not a VBScripter. I do however use Powershell but of course NT4 doesn't have the .NET libraries etc. So far I’m using (pilfered of the intertubes):
Sub ListConnectedComputers( strDomain )
    Dim objPDC
    Set objPDC = getobject("WinNT://" & strDomain )
    objPDC.filter = Array("Computer")
    For Each objComputer In objPDC
    WScript.Echo objComputer.Name
End Sub
Dim strDomain
    strDomain = inputbox( "Please enter a domainname", "Input" )
Loop until strDomain <> ""
ListConnectedComputers( strDomain )
This has worked on another old domain, but it’s giving (3,2) invalid syntax. Any thoughts what that might be?

Thanks in advance!