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Commerce Commission consults on demand side study draft terms of reference

The Commerce Commission has today released draft terms of reference for a demand side study. The study will contribute to the identification of any issues that may impede the uptake of ultra-fast broadband (UFB) in New Zealand. The Commission is seeking feedback from stakeholders and interested parties on the draft terms of reference before they are finalised.
The study is  conducted under section 9A of the Telecommunications Act 2001, which allows the Commission to take a strategic view of any matter that relates to the telecommunications industry.

“Our aim is to promote competition in telecommunications markets for the long-term benefit of end-users of telecommunications services in New Zealand. This study will result in a report which will identify any factors which may inhibit the uptake of ultra-fast broadband services. We can then use that information to inform the industry,” said Dr. Ross Patterson, Telecommunications Commissioner. “At this point, we’d like interested parties to comment on the proposed terms of reference for the study.”

The terms of reference outline the aims and scope of the study, as well as give an indicative timeframe. As part of the process, the Commission intends to consult with interested parties and to hold a public conference in the latter part of the year, before producing a final report in December 2011.

The draft terms of reference are available for download from the Commission’s website: www.comcom.govt.nz/ufb-demand-side-study

Feedback on the draft terms of reference should be sent to telco@comcom.govt.nz by COB 19 April 2011.