Apologies is this is the wrong forum.

Anyone out there listening to BBC iPlayer (test cricket) via Android mobiles on 3g?

I recently set up two Android phones with HMA (UK VPN service) and installed the BBC iplayer Android app (which is AWFUL), and got it working ok on both 3g and wifi.

My partner is trying to listen now in central Christchurch. Firstly she can't get any 3g service at all unless she activates 'use 3g while roaming' (?).

Secondly she can't find the cricket programs she wants on the iplayer site. She only sees out of date ones. But when I look (using the same method, same apps on another android handset) then I can see all the new ones fine. Its as if iplayer is a browser and she is looking at an outdated page (?). Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? A phone reboot did not help. Best, N