I cant seem to get onto some of my APs with any reliability, the one-X is on them ok. It includes the one in the fritzbox on ch36 which previously has worked sweet as on both phones and ipads thruout most of downstairs, now the s2 just keeps hanging onto a whif of signal from the garage 2.4GHz AP, it shows the fritz in a scan, but nothing happens when i choose to connect to it. Both in house 5GHz ones are failing.

wifi analyser shows the signal fine, after a while.

Now I have read some stuff about the notes having the 5Ghz fail, but nothing about the S2. Has it happened to anyone else? Im not really that keen on a factory reset at the moment with jellybean hopefully on its way soon.

Its just running whatever ICS telecom pushed out, was rooted at one time but not at the moment.