Has anyone got this working properly ?

Since my 4 year old Sony used to integrate seamlessly with the GPS uint, I assumed that the current technology was better.  That turned out to be so untrue.

What works
  1. Voice calls always come through and I can answer them
  2. Texts work only if Blueant app is running
  3. Redial of last number

What does not work
  1. If the blueant app is not running (it crashes often) then you have no idea that texts have arrived.
  2. The speech is cruddy - it uses the same texas chipset that I used in my project at university about 35 years ago...  this is progress !!!!  Half the message is unrecognisable, even at slow speed.
  3. Calling out does not work.
  4. If I have no voice recognition apps running, the only command that works is redial of last number.
  5. If I have a voice recognition app running, it tells me that phone commands are not supported.
  6. Even if these apps worked, they all use the cloud based google voice recognition... who thinks of these stupid things at Google ?
  7. When I talk to the developer of these apps, they blame it on google.
  8. Blueant and HTC refuse to answer any of my questions.

All I need more to work
  1. Voice tagging (which has disappeard in android 4.1+)
  2. Or 2 phone numbers hardcoded say work and home, why is to so difficult ?

This is supposed to the 21st century, yeah right.