I apologize profusely if this has already been discussed, I'm not very 'techi', and have done some combing through but can't find the right answers.  My hubbys I9000, which we got off trademe and probably comes from Europe, is a bit cranky/erratic when it comes to reception.  Its on 2degrees.  We know that Telecom will not work.  We do live rurally, but my ancient Nokia can pick up a signal and its on 2degrees as well.  We upgraded from Froyo to G/bread.  Is it possible that its on the wrong modem?  It hasn't been rooted or whatever you call it, and I'm not sure about flashing and all this other stuff about kernels and ROMs and stuff, so please speak simply! Would really appreciate some help before he blows a gasket trying to send a text.  Thanks!