Just been looking around via Google but cannot find a straight answer regarding these three questions:

1) Is Android L going to include support for VoLTE and if so is it dependent on whether the OEM (such as HTC) includes it or is it part of the base operating system?

2) Is there anyone who has gone from an iPhone 5S to a HTC One M8?

3) Using HTC One M8/Android with iCloud account? I'd like to keep with iCloud but I'm prepared to move to my Google account at a last resort if I really need to get things working smoothly.

Background: Looking at moving to an HTC One M8 mainly because the cost of grabbing a maxed out iPhone 6 Plus will set me back $1449 where as at least with the HTC One M8 I can save the $500 and then later on expand the storage where as the iPhone pretty much requires one to buy the storage size one needs from day one (I need the largest storage because I have a tonne of music).

Btw, anyone with any experience using an HTC One M8 with a Mac it would be great to hear from.