I purchased a new Zenfone5 Dual SIM 2GB mobile from PBT a couple months ago, the phone is great except I have constantly had issues with making the dual SIMs work correctly, I use a VF sim for my work number and only set it for voice calls, I have a 2D sim used for data only, when the phone is idle, locked, or comes back from sleep both sims deactivate and until its become active again no calls whatsoever will come in as it takes about a minute for SIMS to reactivate, I have also reset the phone, ran 3 different updates over the past month and it does the same each time its updated still. Swapped SIM slots, played around with the dual sim settings, tried different sims but get the same result, just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issues or if it is just a flaw with the model for the dual sim feature on this phone, since I use this as my work phone I miss important calls and am thinking of dropping the use of dual sims and to just get another phone for work which is the main reason why I got a dual sim phone......help.