Hi All,

I've got a Huawei G630 that took a swim. Subsequently the PMIC is fried (it won't charge or reliably give battery percentage, or show the 'bios' logos etc)

It does however work plugged into a wall charger! (horray!) and everything else seems okay (Screen, Touchscreen, network connectivity etc)
Its got a snapdragon 200 processor (Quad Core A7, Adreno 305) so is more than capable of full HD movie playback etc.

I was thinking of using it for a motion sensing security camera.

Another option was to install linux and use it as a lightweight desktop. (But having to have it plugged in all the time means I can't use USB OTG  or HDMI out). Maybe there are OTG cables that can charge at the same time? What other options are there for wireless display output? Network keyboard & mouse input should be easy enough.

What other ideas are there to use this device for?