Greetings all,

I have the N910U. I'm currently running Sweet Rom 17 and I'd like to try an AOSP ROM, preferably CM13, for Android 6, thought I know that CM releases for Samsung devices lag (I've read about the issues) so I know I might have to make do with 12.1. 

My problem is, I don't know how to find CM for the 910U. It's not listed explicitly on the Cyanogemod site, and none of the sources I've been able to find explicitly list it as a supported device. I've seen lots of articles from folks saying they've loaded CM onto their "Note 4", without stating the model, but CM requires compatible builds for different hardware (esp. Exynos v. Snapdragon). 

What do the other N910U owners do? Is there a compatible model (like the N910C?) whose builds you use? Am I missing something? Or do all N910U owners simply never flash a non-Touchwiz rom?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks