I’m having trouble seeing small text on my streaming TV, even with glasses. This makes things difficult when scrolling VOD categories or searching the program guide. The next TV will be bigger but I need an intermediate solution. It is not practical to move the viewing position closer to the TV. Can anyone help with this?


The TV is a Sony. It does have a zoom function of sorts, but it’s a pain to get at. I need something better.


The streaming content comes from an Nvidia Shield. Is there a shortcut I don’t know about or a straightforward zoom app for this? I need something like the Windows screen magnifier.


I am also using Kodi (SPMC). It has a zoom function but it is intended for scan adjustments and is also awkward to access. It is unusable for the purpose I want. Is there any add-on that can do this?


I use Anydesk on my Windows streaming pc which echoes the screen back to a notebook computer at the viewing position. This would be an ideal solution if there is something similar for the Shield. Is there?