Hey all, am having a weird problem with my P30 (non-pro). It seems to not want to receive calls when wifi is active - when at home most (tho not 100%) of calls will divert to voicemail when wifi is active. Turn wifi off and it receives calls 100% of the time. It also has intermittent issues sending and receiving text messages with wifi on. I also notice it seemingly disconnecting and reconnecting to the mobile network when wifi is on - the status bar shows 'SOS only' every few minutes. Outgoing calls seem to be fine.


Mobile network strength in the house is great so that doesn't seem to be a signal strength problem. Have tried restarting the phone and also resetting network settings without success. Have also tried connecting to different routers (and on different bands - 2.4 and 5ghz) - still does the same thing. Have also tried things like turning off VoLTE which didn't make a difference.


I'm with Vodafone and it is a NZ purchased phone (Noel Leeming), so I'm wondering if it somehow thinks that it has wifi calling when wifi is connected (but there are no menu options for this) - but VF doesn't support this. The problem has only started recently, I think after the last firmware update so wondering if VF have maybe messed up something in the network settings.


Any thoughts/theories are welcome - haven't been able to find reports of similar things on the interwebs.