Following on from Pixel 4a released here's the owners thread.


My impressions after using the phone for a few days. As context my last phone was the lower midrange Moto G8 plus, before that the flagship but aging Huawei P9


  • Super fast / responsive user interface, especially when developers options changed so animation / duration scaled changed to 0.5X
  • Convenient size: fits great in my hand / pocket. My wife has been saying phones have been getting too big, this would be perfect for her.
  • Plain Android: no crap
  • Upside: battery rated at 3080ma is showing as 3234ma in Accubattery. Suggests a good quality battery, as the Xiaomi rated at 4000mah was showing 3400mah from memory.
  • Downside: battery life average. I charge to 80% to prolong battery life, I tend to need to give it a top-up charge during the day. Not unreasonable or problematic given my lifestlyle. If you charge to 100% and are ok going down to 20% I'm sure it will last a day with moderate to heavy use. The G8 rarely got below 50% with my average days usage with no top-up charge, the Pixel will get down to 30% with a top-up to 80% around midday. I'd say the 4a consumes battery at about twice the rate of the G8, which I guess is a trade-off with performance.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the move from the G8 plus to 4a.