Last week, I bought the Sony DR-BT21G stereo headset to use with my HTC Magic because the phone uses the same port for the wired headphones and USB data connection and power adaptor. I could either listen to the phone or charge the battery, but not both. A Bluetooth media (as opposed to just the phone) headset seemed the obvious solution.

No matter what I did, I couldn't get the headphones to play any music. They worked fine with the phone, but that was it. 
So instead, as of yesterday, I decided to use them to listen to music on my iPod Touch because v3.0 of the iPhone / iPod Touch OS added support for stereo bluetooth. They worked fine. The main difference was the Apple device asked for the "0000" PIN number, while the HTC Magic / android had not. 

That got me thinking and I wonder if....having been initialised at least once....the headset might now work with my HTC Magic. So I tried it this morning. 

Yes. They work perfectly. 

Even better, though the default music app doesn't respect the AVRCP remote controls on the headset, the "Meridian" media player app does, provided it is in the foreground. I can either skip to the next song, the previous song or jog the centre and then FF or REW the current song. 

If you're looking for a stereo Bluetooth headset to use with the HTC Magic, the Sony DR-BT21G is a great choice. Just be aware you may have to use them the first time on some other device before they will work with the HTC Magic.