My HTC Magic, as bought, had nothing on it from Vodafone NZ other than a web bookmark on the Home screen with the Vodafone logo. That went to 

I never really tried to sort out the Vodafone Live services until today. 

I used the settings for the HTC Touch Pro (a WinMo phone), obtained from the Vodafone NZ web site,  to set up a WAP APN on the Magic...and then TXT'd "SKY" to "5483". 

I got a web link back. You can probably just start here once you have the WAP APN set up.

I opened it in the Dolphin browser app (didn't try the default browser)....and away I went. I signed up for the $2.50 / week no problems...just to try it out.  

I bookmarked the 'real' link:

Don't know why I didn't do it before. SKY TV works great. 

Some of the (non-Web) VF Live content responds saying the phone isn't compatible with the content (Hot Music, Hot Babes, in particular....). But by far most stuff works. I didn't try the games. Can't see them being android-compatible *.apk files....and for $7 for the one game that was in the list ("Family Guy - Uncensored"), I didn't want to test it.

Screenshots, reduced to half-scale for display here. The channels page displayed in the Dolphin web browser, (some reality show) MTV and (Power Puff Girls) Cartoon Network.

SKY Mobile on HTC Magic    MTV on Sky Mobile on my HTC Magic   Cartoon Network on Sky Mobile on my HTC Magic